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Tekkaman Blade takes place in the year 2300 AD. The Earth is under attack by an alien force only now as the Radam. The army’s of earth are fighting a losing battle against the alien invaders. A few months after the beginning of the invasion, Tekkaman Blade appears. Rescued by the Space Knights, a special defense force trying to learn the secrets of the Radam. They find out that he has the power to transform into an armored warrior know as a Tekkaman. With the help of the Space Knights, Blade fights the alien forces, making him the hope of mankind. But he is not the only tekkaman, the Radam have their own tekkaman.

 Tekkaman Blade 4

 Tekkaman Evil

 Aki Head Shot

 Tekkaman Blade 3


 Sol Tekkaman Unit 1

 Sol Tekkaman Unit 2

 Tekkaman Axe

 Tekkaman Blade Dodging

 Noal Head Shot

 Tekkaman Shara

 Tekkaman Blade
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